Jan Simpson

The sandwiches would stink the car up long before they reached the seaside.  But it wasn’t a picnic without egg and salad cream sandwiches, apparently.  Gave Mhairi the boak.  She’d wanted to buy free-range eggs instead of the cheapest, the ones with ‘Eggs from caged hens’ on the box.  Caged hens.  So the meat mallet went into the basket too, along with the multi-packs of crisps, cans of fizzy juice, Babybels and sticky jam doughnuts.

Jan Simpson is a writer based in Stonehaven, Scotland. Her work has been published by the Scottish Book Trust, the University of Aberdeen/Curtin University and she has been featured as a ‘Local in the Limelight’ at Granite Noir (Aberdeen’s Crime Writing Festival) for the past three years in a row.